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Daily Blog/Diary

Welcome to my blog/events diary.


Bernadette Horton updates this daily blog and events page often to include public speaking events, campaigns, issues and Labour Party and Unite the Union activity.



By bernadettehorton, Oct 25 2015 05:05PM

October half term week sees me ;

Monday 26th October - Campaigning to halt the closure of council run care homes in Denbigh 7pm Plas Pigot

Tuesday 27th October - Chairing NE Wales Unite Community meeting in Wrexham. Wrexham Lager Club 7pm, And all new members and people wanting to find out more about Unite Community welcome!

Wednesday 28th October - I will be in London at Unite HQ

Thursday October 29th - I am the guest speaker at the Southport Womens Forum and their CLP in Southport speaking about my experiences as a working class female candidate, trade unionist and carer.

Friday October 30th - Campaigning for my constituency AM Ann Jones.

By bernadettehorton, Oct 14 2015 11:57AM

I am honoured and very excited at standing for election as a Labour N Wales regioinal list canddiate for the Welsh Assembly 2016.

I am looking firward to campaigning on issues that matter to the people of N Wales; Our NHS, Transport by road and Rail, low paid and seasonal employment, affordable housing, small business support and education and tuition fees for young people.

Listening to the concerns of ordinary people and their priorities for N Wales is what is important. I would be honoured to represent my area and the fantastic peoole in it!

By bernadettehorton, Mar 1 2015 05:04PM

I have been away a lot recently as well as campaigning for my local Labour MP Chris Ruane so I know this blogs needs updating desperately!

In January I started my Workplace Reps course with Unite in Flint, and this has been a very educational and steep learning curve for me. I think it is essential that anyone seeking to represent the working class in Parliament knows the issues and procedures going on on the shop floor and factories throughout the UK. I am learning all the time and will complete my first 10 weeks later on in March.

i also attended a fantastic Welsh Labour Conference over Valentines weekend in Swansea where we received clear visionary leadership from Owen Smith and Carwyn Jones. I managed to be at the front to meet Ed M from his car too! Unite sat in the front row at confetence and it was excellent seeing the vast array and quality of speakers on offer.

I then attended a week in York and spoke at some factories and at a community project on the importance of trade union activism in our workplaces and the importance of a Labour vote in May. Again it was a privelege to talk to people and listen to all their qustions and concerns. Lively debates were had all round!

I attended a mmeting at my local Airbus branch where we met many MPs and I spoke on how Unite Community is important to the General Election as we are able to be flexible and campaign for local MPs. I also lobbied Wrexham councillors to support thr National Day of Action v Benefit Sanctions.

I was proud to represent Unite at the St Davids Day Dinner held by Clwyd West in Colwyn Bay on February 27th and glad to support the Labour fundraising night there for their PPC Gareth Thomas.

Upcoming plans are a Unite Political Committee day in Cardiff on 7 March, more campaigning for my MP, more phone canvassing and most importantly the Unite Community National Day of Action v Benefit Sanctions on 19 March. As Chair of Unite NE Wales Community we will be demonstrating at Wrexham Job Centre.

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