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Bernadette Horton

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Mum v Austerity

Bernadette began her blog Mum v Austerity to both campaign aginst social injustice and to highlight the plight of poor and working poor families burdened by the Government enforced austerity programme. She rights from a family working class viewpoint of her experiences and those of her neighbours/friends. You can click the link to take you to the blog here -

Mum v Austerity

Big Food for Big Families

Big Food for Big Families came about from Bernadette's own experiences of trying to buy nutritious food on a tight budget to feed a large family. Some receipes contain foodbank ingredients from the Trussell Trust list. They are designed to feed families as cheaply as possible from shops local to them. Her recipes have been published in the Sunday People.

Big Food for Big Families BritainIsntEating